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'They've Put My Life At Risk': Reckless Motorcyclists Causing Concern Throughout The City

CHICAGO (CBS)-- Groups of hundreds of motorcyclists in Chicago are putting themselves and others at risk as they blow red lights, stop signs and ride on sidewalks.

As CBS 2's Jim Williams reported Tuesday, these incidents have been reported in numerous places -- from the South Loop at 13th Street and Wabash Avenue to the Magnificent Mile and Jackson Park -- often late at night.

Hundreds of motorcyclists disobey traffic laws and roar down the street forcing pedestrians to scramble.

"It's just amazing and frightening, actually," said Kim, who wants to remain anonymous.

Kim speaks for many of her neighbors in describing the reckless motorcyclists.

"Two hundred, 300 motorcyclists barreling down the road," she said, "disregarding all traffic lights, stop signs, speed limits, pedestrians on sidewalks."

The motorcyclists' own videos show it all: Wheelies on the Kennedy Expressway, as they weave from lane to lane.

In another video, they blow red lights on a busy North Michigan Avenue, right in front of pedestrians.

In Jackson Park, a motorcyclist can be seen riding on the sidewalk for blocks near the Museum of Science and Industry, close to parents and their children.

"The frightening thing is just the sheer number of them," Kim said. "You have no control. Everybody jumps out of the way."

Kim has also seen motorcyclists stop traffic at intersections.o

It's problem in other parts of the country as well. In Florida, police are using helicopters to track mobs of reckless motorcyclists.

New York is monitoring social media accounts of motorcyclists.

A Chicago Police spokeswoman told CBS 2 that in the last 90 days, she could only find 911 calls regarding the motorcycle on the sidewalk near the museum. But people in the South Loop insist they've called police too.

Kim and her neighbors want action now.

"Walking across the street and fearing they're going to hit me -- they've put my life at risk without me having any choice," Kim said.

Tuesday afternoon, Ald. Pat Dowell (3rd) told CBS 2 she's calling for public hearings with the police department and the Office of Emergency Management to hear the concerns and to come up with solutions to crackdown on the reckless motorcyclists.

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