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Rauner Signs Education Funding Bill

(CBS) – It was a rare image: the governor and mayor together at a public appearance. But they didn't exactly get close

At an event to celebrate a school funding measure, the two didn't appear to talk or shake hands.

CBS 2 Political Reporter Derrick Blakley has more.

After criss-crossing the state, bashing the school funding bill he vetoed as a Chicago Public Schools bailout, this is what Gov. Rauner had to say Thursday:

"It has been an honor for me to work for Chicago Public Schools and all of the schools across the state of Illinois."

In signing the compromise school funding bill, the governor gave the green light to a CPS windfall -- about $450 million in new state funding. That's $150 million more than the bill Rauner vetoed.

"This is a good compromise bill that moves the state forward and makes sure every child in the state of Illinois has an equal chance at a great education," Rauner said.

The measure is historic in that it raises Illinois' school funding levels and directs more state aid to the poorest districts.

And for Chicago schools, Mayor Emanuel was more than happy to cash the bigger check from Springfield.

"A lots of skeptics said this day would never happen. Today we're choosing students over a failed status quo," Emanuel said.

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