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Rauner Calls Off Leaders' Meetings Until Democrats Present Budget Plan

CHICAGO (CBS) -- It appears Gov. Bruce Rauner and the state's four legislative leaders won't be meeting again Thursday as planned to discuss the ongoing budget impasse.

Wednesday night, Rauner spokesman Lance Trover issued a statement saying the governor and Republican legislative leaders were ready to continue negotiating on a balanced budget, but were waiting for Democratic leaders to come up with their plan before holding any more meetings.

"Democratic leaders continue to discuss internally whether they are prepared to present a budget proposal, so we will schedule the next Four Leaders meeting when we receive confirmation that they are ready," Trover said.

On Tuesday, House Speaker Michael Madigan suggested restarting bipartisan bicameral working groups of lawmakers to discuss the budget as well as reforms Rauner has requested as part of a deal.

"We have proposed five significant areas; again, elementary and secondary education, pensions, workers' compensation, local government consolidation and mandates, and [union] bargaining," Madigan said.

Senate Republican Leader Christine Radogno said the working groups have done as much as they can, and it's now up to the governor and the four legislative leaders.

"Many of these issues have been discussed. The question here is how much more do we want to go back to square one and recreate working groups?" she said.

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