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Rauner Admits Belonging To $100,000 Wine Club

(CBS) -- In a Chicago Tribune story about the longtime friendship between Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Republican gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner, it was mentioned that Rauner belongs to an invitation-only wine club with a six-figure initiation fee.


A reporter asked Rauner Tuesday if he really is a member of a wine club that costs more than $100,000 to join.

"I have many investments and I am a member of many clubs," Rauner answered.

The reporter asked if that means yes, and Rauner said it does.

Quinn for Illinois spokesman Izabela Miltko issued a statement saying, "Mr. Rauner's proposal to cut the minimum wage was heartless on its own merits. The fact that when he made it, he was wining and dining himself on the best wine money can buy is even more callous."

Rauner denies wanting to cut the minimum wage.

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