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Rahm Says Thompson Center Sale "Shouldn't Be This Tough," Blames Governor

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Mayor Rahm Emanuel suggested Gov. Bruce Rauner is making almost everything difficult in Springfield, including efforts to sell the James R. Thompson Center, which now houses state offices in Chicago.

Rauner has said Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan and Democratic lawmakers are holding up the proposed sale of the Thompson Center, but Madigan has called those statements "disingenuous."

Emanuel seemed to just be shaking his head over the controversy.

"I think now it's a symbol, and emblematic of why everything, in my view, as it relates to the governor, does not need to be this difficult. I know that the speaker has said he's ready to work on this. We're ready to work on it. It shouldn't be this tough," he said.

However, a spokeswoman for the governor said he's worked in good faith for nearly two years to sell the Thompson Center. The governor's office said Emanuel and Madigan are playing partisan games to prevent it from happening.

All sides, though, seem to agree the sale would greatly benefit the state.

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