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'Rage Therapy' Lets People Vent Their 2020 Frustrations By Smashing Stuff With A Sledgehammer

CHICAGO (CBS) -- While many businesses are struggling these days, a woman in northern Indiana decided to capitalize on what a lot of people are feeling during this pandemic: frustration and anger.

Welcome to "Rage Therapy," based in Warsaw, Indiana. You take a sledgehammer to breakable items, and vent all of your aggressions safely.

"Come to the rage room, smash all of 2020. Bring in a fresh start. It'll be an awesome time. If nothing else, you'll laugh at yourself," owner Ashley Finney told CBS affiliate WSBT-TV.

She first came up with the idea when a neighboring town stopped recycling glass, so there was plenty of it to break.

Just before the first bottle could even be broken, the coronavirus shutdowns shattered the grand opening. Nine months later, the family decided to stick through it.

"We wanted to bring a source of entertainment to our small town, and I don't know if we're stupid or stubborn, but we're not willing to give up yet," she said.

Finney said they are trying to break out as a brand new small business.

"It's been slow, but we're doing well with private parties. So lots of birthday parties for both kids and adults, and private sessions for foster kids. Businesses have contacted us to do their corporate team-building  parties," she said.

Knowing how 2020 was for a lot of us, Finney said this is a good way to let loose physically and mentally. Are you over seeing negativity online? Or sick of watching the clock at home?

Cody Kindle said it's become a fun alternative without consequences.

"It'll wear you out a lot faster than what you think, a lot faster than what you think, and you'll feel it the next morning, but it definitely helps take out whatever frustration you might have."

The best part? Someone else gets to clean up the mess.

Finney said they are currently open Friday and Saturday nights, plus private parties throughout the week. They hope to expand their hours as the business grows.

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