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New Allegations Say R. Kelly Victimized Young Boys, Bribed Cook County Court Officials

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Prosecutors in New York came forward Friday with new charges in the case against R&B singer R. Kelly.

New federal documents for the first time accuse Kelly of molding young boys. Federal documents mention a John Doe, a young boy Kelly is accused of abusing.

The just-released court filing also claims the singer's crisis manager bribed a Cook County clerk after the documentary Surviving R. Kelly. The allegations include accusations of abuse involving at least 10 more girls in Chicago, dating back to 1991 as well as videos of Kelly physically and verbally abusing women.

The singer remains in federal custody in New York City, and as NYC prosecutrs prepare the trial, they are laying out the case in 52 pages.

Some 2006 court court papers show Kelly met a John Doe #1 then asked the boy "what he was willing to do to succeed in the music business and clarified he wanted John Doe #1 to engage in sexual contact with Kelly."

The teen introduced Kelly to a male friend. The complaint goes on to say years later "Kelly started a sexual relationship with John Doe #2" and at times even "paid John Doe #2 after sexual encounters with him."

The complaint states the boys met Kelly when they were both 17.

Prosecutors say they have a witness who will testify Kelly made her download child pornography involving boys. The complaint says they found screen recordings of young males engaging in sex acts. One "video is approximately 10 minutes long."

Prosecutors say of Kelly's cell phone, "video on the device also incidicates the file was created on the device May 26, 2019."

That was months after the Surviving R. Kelly documentary was released. In the series, countless women spoke about what they describe as physical and sexual abuse by Kelly.

The federal papers say in 2019 Kelly's crisis manager "told Kelly that he had 'two people' who know a lot and told Kelly 'to figure out what you can do for them,'" suggesting the people were open to bribes.

Those bribes included someone who works at the Cook County Courthouse. Prosecutors say the crisis manager told Kelly he "paid a clerk in Cook County $2,500 ... in order to obtain information about Kelly's legal trouble."

The feds say there is a recording of the entire conversation.

The singer maintains his innocence but still faces separate trials in Chicago and in New York.

Prosecutors hope to enter all of this as evidence in his upcoming racketeering trial in New York next month.

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