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Protestors Call For Futher Investigation Into CPD Torture

CHICAGO (CBS) -- About a dozen people braved the cold Friday to bring attention to what they call police brutality of the past.

"How can a DOJ report be issued and no mention of Chicago Police torture which has cost the city taxpayers over 100 million dollars ? That's an insult," said Mark Clements, torture survivor.

A protesters sign calling for a further investigation into CPD torture (CBS/WBBM/Shannon Blum)

Clements said he's happy the Department of Justice is acknowledging the problems, but said, they need to go further. WBBM's Lisa Fielding reports.

"I spent years in prison for something I didn't do," Clements said. "I was a torture victim under Jon Burge and his staff. The accountability starts with these people and they know what the problem is. Fix it and let's move on."

Clements said there are still many men in prison who were tortured at the hands of then Police Commander Jon Burge, something he says the DOJ should investigate further.

In 2003, then Governor George Ryan pardoned four death row inmates who he concluded were tortured into confessing to murders they didn't commit.

Mark Clements, torture survivor chants with crowd, "No justice, no peace, no more racist police" (CBS/WBBM/Shannon Blum)

"My son Gerald Reed has spent 26 years in Stateville Prison. He was tortured into confessing to something he didn't do," said Armanda Schakelford. "There are so many like him still in prison. The DOJ has to do something."

Clements said the DOJ report is a good step, but it needs to go further to right the wrongs of the past.

'DOJ What About The Torture Victims, Kids Tortured' sign at DOJ protest (CBS/WBBM/Shannon Blum)

"Why are these men still in prison under Jon Burge? The Mayor admitted that tortures occurred in the city of Chicago," said Clements.

In 2008, Burge was arrested and charged in federal court with lying under oath when he denied in a civil trial that he participated in the torture of black suspects. Burge was convicted and sentenced to four years in prison.

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