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Protesters Demand Meeting With Emanuel On Police Brutality

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Several dozen activists, including clergy, staged a noisy protest outside the mayor's office at City Hall on Tuesday, denouncing alleged police brutality, and the group managed to get an invitation for a conversation with a staff member.

The protesters chanted "meet with us," as they emerged in small groups from the elevators on the fifth floor at City Hall.

"We are here, because our mayor has allowed and encouraged a system in which the police – [who] are supposed to protect us – are terrorizing and brutalizing our communities," a protest organizer said.


With many in the group holding signs that read "Black Lives Matter," others posed as police officers beating another demonstrator lying on the floor. In another bit of theater, one protester held a photo of the mayor's face over his own, looking away as others played the role of police officers harassing a black man for doing nothing.

The protesters also staged a "die-in" as part of their demonstration.

The activists demanded a meeting with Mayor Rahm Emanuel, and three of them tried to push past a cadre of about a dozen police officers guarding the doors to the mayor's office. Those three were taken into custody.

Ultimately, police allowed four demonstrators inside the mayor's office for a meeting with a member of his staff.

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