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Proposal Would Require Businesses To Let Anyone Use Toilet For 'Emergencies'

(CBS) – A proposed ordinance would require businesses to allow people to use their bathrooms in the event of an "emergency."

CBS 2's Jeremy Ross reports.

Ald. David Moore of the 17th Ward met with a woman who was stopped from using a restroom — and had a humiliating accident.

He came up with a proposal that could would allow customers to use a business' public bathroom — without having to make a purchase — provided they have an emergency.

But Michael Reever of the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce says the measure could impact hundreds of thousands of business.

"We're not supportive of it," he told CBS 2.

While the plan is well-intentioned, he says, it lacks detail and with rising water costs every flush can prove costly, and more people using bathrooms means more security concerns.

Ted Kokoris of Koko's Mediterranean Grille says he simply uses common sense. He serves up food, and provided customers serve up manners his facilities are open to them.

"We have no problems letting people use the washroom," he says.

Moore did not return CBS 2's calls for comment.

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