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Principal Announces School Closing with Frozen Parody

By Liz Valliyil, CBS2

CHICAGO (CBS) — A Rhode Island principal made his students' day, not just by calling a snow day, but making his own parody of "Let It Go" to do so.

Principal Matt Glendinning of the Moses Brown School, a Quaker school in Providence, recorded "School Is Closed" last week. He said it was the brain child of the school's communications director, who came up the lyrics. They wanted to record the video quickly in case of a blizzard.

Check out the 4-minute clip, which shows Glendinning in a striped scarf and hat to perform the song made infamous by Idina Menzel as Queen Elsa in "Frozen".

The school is trying modern methods to get students and parents more engaged in school activities. They've even made comic books out of the school's annual and financial reports, so parents will read them.

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