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Principal Agrees Students Aren't Being Saved By The Bell

Student Wants Bell 86'd

(CBS) -- A visit to the principal's office was a good thing for a student at Huntley High School.

WBBM Newsradio's Regine Schlesinger reports.

Sophomore Kyle Ockerlund thought the new bell that ran in the middle of his AP chemistry class was disruptive so he designed an experiment and got members of his science club to carry it out.

They found the sound a distraction, leading to a 10 percent reduction in students' concentration. He sent his findings to principal Scott Rowe, who until then, had never realized it was a problem.

"It didn't even cross my mind," he says.

He called Kyle into his office not to chew him out, but, to thank him.

"I was very happy that one of our students took that much ownership in our building and wanted to communicate his results and was excited about his studies and excited about his findings," the school official says.

Principal Rowe says Kyle's an extraordinary student. He's already a published author after writing a book about the programming language used by Texas Instruments graphing calculators.

As for the bell, Rowe is consulting with the students to figure out how to change the sound.

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