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Powerball jackpot $1.6 billion: The most common numbers drawn

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CHICAGO (CBS) -- Without fail, as the Powerball jackpot rises to insane levels, the players come out in droves.

And it's happened again: A surge of players has lifted the Saturday Powerball Jackpot to at least $1.6 billion--the largest lottery jackpot ever in the world.  Winning numbers have not been selected in the past 39 drawings. A total of 19 players matched five numbers to win $1 million in the most recent drawing. Three of those added Power Play and won $2 million. 

So, many often ask: What are the most common Powerball numbers drawn?

We are here to help!

According to USA Mega, which collects data for the past 802 drawings (dating back to 10/7/15), 61, 32, 21, 63, and 69 are the five most popular. The most popular Powerball number is 24.

For those contrarians in the crowd, here are the least popular numbers: 34, 26, 13 and (tie) 24, 4. The least popular Powerball number is 23..

It pays to live in Indiana, compared with Illinois. The lump sum payout for Hoosiers would be an estimated $467.6 million after taxes, compared with $454.2  million in Illinois, according to USA Mega. Your tax burden may vary depending on your deductions and the way you choose to dispense your winnings.  That means: get a good attorney. 

The difference in state taxes account for the difference. 

Choosing your own numbers or letting the computer do it doesn't change your odds of winning, which are astronomically high, 1 in 292 million.

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