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'This Post Office Sucks': Neighbors Fed Up With South Side USPS Location

Chicago (CBS) -- South Side neighbors from Bronzeville to Hyde Park are taking action because they feel like their local post office isn't meeting their expectations.

The Henry W. McGee Post Office in Bronzeville is supposed to open at 9:30 a.m., but on a recent morning, they were a few minutes late. There was no forgiveness from the people standing outside in the cold.

"This post office sucks," one person said.

Opening late is not the only problem neighbors have been complaining about.

"Our mail has not been running," Courtney Clark said. "It's not the first time that I have not received mail. This happened a couple of months ago."

Customers are excusing the two days last week when the polar vortex forced the entire system to shut down.

Colleen Doherty says she regularly doesn't get her mail.

"If there's a rainy day, you won't get your mail because they don't feel like delivering it," Doherty said.

Inside the post office, there are often long lines and not enough clerks.

A supervisor at the branch refused an interview with CBS 2 and said to contact customer affairs.

Chris Bertucci's frustration about returned mail tops the list of issues on the community-based social media site Nextdoor.

He said there's a box that's been sitting in his mailroom for about a month.

"I'm sure there's somebody's check there. Somebody else's medical bill's there. Somebody else's mortgage is there," Bertucci said.

A petition signed by nearly 300 people demands improvements.

Selena Armstrong is among those who signed it.

"I want to see shorter lines. I want to see a machine that can dispense stamps, so you don't have to wait in line for stamps. And, of course, I want to see better customer service," Armstrong said.

Customers also want to see more mail in their boxes.

A post office manager promised to investigate after CBS 2 reached out, adding that it shares customer frustration when service is not good. The alderman has also met with post office officials and has more meetings scheduled.

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