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Police Video Shows Suspect Firing At Officers

CHICAGO (CBS) -- A suspect now faces a list of charges, including attempted murder, after firing a gun at police officers.

Officers started following the suspect Tuesday night, after recognizing an SUV as a stolen vehicle.

In the video, flashes from gunshots appear, which police said were fired from the SUV.

"Shots fired, shots fired ... at the police," one officer is heard saying. "He's firing! Offender still firing at police."

One of those shots came through the windshield and grazed an officer in the face. That officer, Brandon McDonald, with two years on the force, was treated from a graxe wound.

Moments later, the suspect, Charles Lawson, hit a parked car and surrendered in the 10000 block of South Eggleston.

Charles Lawson
Charles Lawson (Credit: Chicago Police)

The police car dash cam video captured Lawson tossing his gun out the window and officers arresting him.

"On the ground! On the ground! Get the f--k on the ground!" one officer yells as Lawson is taken into custody.

Lawson is facing several charges, including four counts of attempted murder.

"These police officers face this type of thing every single day," Police Supt. Eddie Johnson said. "You know, law enfordement all over the country right now is being scrutinzed for everything they do.

"But yet, these officers didn't go away from this."

"They ran to it."

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