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Police Searching For Limo Driver Who Sexually Assaulted Woman In Gold Coast Neighborhood

CHICAGO (CBS)-- Police are searching for a limo driver who, Chicago Police said, sexually assaulted a woman in the Gold Coast neighborhood.

Police said woman was assaulted after she got into a black stretch limo in the 1200 block of State Street around 4:30 a.m. Sunday.

Police said the woman had ordered a ride and it did not show up. A man then offered her a ride with a limo service and she got into the vehicle.

The offender was described as a slim man, over 5-feet tall with brown hair who is around 30-years-old.

Gold Coast resident Sandra Nagelberg said she prefers to drive herself after hearing stories like the limo driver incident.

"I'm sceptical of everybody," Nagelberg said. "It's generally a very nice area, but it doesn't matter. Crime is everywhere, it's rampant."

In 2017, prosecutors charged Musaab Afandi of Glenview with sexual abuse after investigators said he posed as an Uber driver, picked up women from north side bars and raped them.

Afandi entered a not guilty plea and is due back in court this month.

Police said passengers should always check license plates, pictures, car models and names to make sure the car they're getting into is the right one.

Attorney Bryant Greening represents passengers and victims of ride-share assaults.

"There are predators everywhere," he said.

In 2017, Greening and his client said a real Uber driver groped her.

The woman told CBS 2 she reached a settlement. Greening and his client said they cannot comment on that case.

"We get calls every day from passengers and drivers who have been attacked, assaulted, harassed," Greening said. "We as a community need to make sure we are doing all we can to stay safe."

CBS 2 also reported last year on a Naperville taxi driver who was charged with sexual assault.

Greening said his law firm, Legal Ride Share, advises passengers to always let a friend know about their ride situation and to stay in touch with them.

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