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Officers' Accounts Don't Match Up With Laquan McDonald Video

(CBS) -- The accounts of Chicago Police officers at the scene of the Laquan McDonald shooting were released late Friday night, including that of the officer charged in the shooting.

CBS 2's Jeremy Ross reports some of what is in the accounts differs greatly from the dashcam video of the Oct. 2014 shooting.

In the video, 17-year-old Laquan McDonald is seen walking on South Pulaski Road toward two officers the night of the killing. There's a knife in his right hand and that knife remains at or below his waist as officers exit the squad car.

CPD admits there's something wrong with the audio in the video and what the officers are saying can't be heart. They are in the process of investigating what that is.

Multiple accounts by officers on the scene say law enforcement yelled for the teen to drop the weapon.

The account by the officer now accused of first degree murder, Jason Van Dyke, reads the teen was "swinging the knife in an aggressive manner or exaggerated manner."

That account claims McDonald advanced towards Van Dyke. A handful of officers on scene shared similar accounts as Van Dyke.

Reports show another officer said after McDonald was hit by gunfire, the teen attempted to get back up while armed with the knife. The dashcam perspective does not support that account.

The report said Van Dyke was defending his life. He would later be criminally charged with the killing.

It is not uncommon for accounts to differ at crime scenes due to multiple factors that could include being in a different place in the crime scene and the adrenaline one experiences during a crime like this.

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