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Police Locate Mother Of Infant Abandoned In Lowell, Indiana

CHICAGO (CBS) -- The mother of a newborn girl found abandoned in a family's back yard in Lowell, Indiana, has been located.

The baby was found last Monday in the Laub family's back yard. Nine-year-old Elysia Laub at first thought the baby was a piglet. That's because her family keeps pigs in a pen.

Elysia screamed for her mom, Heidi, who was incredulous. The baby, likely less than a day old at the time, still had placenta and umbilical cord attached.

A week later, the Lake County Sheriff's Office has announced the newborn's mother has been found. In a written statement, Sheriff John Buncich said the mother is a teenage juvenile, who lives in Lowell. No further details about the mother were being released, due to her age.

Authorities said the newborn is in good health, and is still being monitored by doctors, but will soon be transferred to a foster home.

Meantime, the case has been turned over to the Indiana Department of Child Services for investigation.

Last week, Buncich praised Elysia for her discovery.

"We're considering her the guardian angel of that infant," he says.

For her part, Elysia said she didn't find the baby alone.

"Somebody helped me," she said. "God."

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