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Police Investigating 'Widespread' Sexting Among Michigan City Teens

MICHIGAN CITY, Ind. (CBS) -- Police in La Porte County are investigating what they call "widespread" sexting among high school students in the greater Michigan City area.

CBS 2's Mike Parker reports police and prosecutors won't say how many students are involved but concede its more than a few.

The activity appears to be centered at Michigan City High School.

Former MCHS student Cord Ratliff has a bleak view of what is happening.

"It is not surprising," he said. "I feel like it is all they talk about. It is all they ever think about. That and smoking weed. People need to grow up.

Michigan City Police say they are making a concerted effort to locate and destroy sexually explicit images being sent from one teen to another and they are seizing cell phones to do that.

Bob Modesto, a former high school administrator and his high school age daughter Meg are aware of the consequences.

"It is kind of popular in our society," Meg said. "I think people go through a phase but then they learn."

"They want to be accepted and be liked and so they do whatever they need to do," Bob said. "Unfortunately, it is not the right way to be liked."

Authorities here say teens have to understand that once picture is sent out, it may never go away and could end up being spread across the internet.

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