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Police "Frustrated" Murders Of Elderly Woman, Son Still Unsolved

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Six months after an 85-year old woman and her 65-year old son were found beaten to death in their Sycamore area home, police appeared no closer to solving the murders.

"We're frustrated, but not to the point of giving up at all. We're very positive we're going to move forward on it," DeKalb County Sheriff Roger Scott said. "I've got two full-time detectives working on it now, and have been for the last about six weeks."

The bodies of Patricia Wilson and her son, Robert, were found inside her home in unincorporated Sycamore on Aug. 14, 2016. Autopsies revealed both had suffered blunt force trauma.

Chicago police contacted The DeKalb County Major Case Squad several days later, after finding Patricia Wilson's stolen Chevy Impala near Lincoln Park Zoo.

A $25,000 reward for information leading to their killer was announced within days of the murders.

Scott said, since Patricia's car was recovered, police have not been able to develop enough clues to lead to a suspect. He said the double murder remains very much on the minds of people in the Sycamore area.

"As I go out into the community, I'm approached quite often with people asking what their status is, how's it going. The whole community is concerned," Scott said. "That happens quite frequently, whether I'm stopping by McDonald's, or at a coffee shop, or just walking along. People will ask us how we're doing, because it's obviously a huge concern."

However, Scott said he does not believe there is a killer still lurking in the community.

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