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Police Documents: Cedrick Chatman Told Officers 'I Give Up, I'm Shot'

(CBS) -- Newly released police documents and some previously unseen videos are answering some questions about the 2013 officer-involved shooting death of Cedrick Chatman, but other questions are still unanswered.

CBS 2's Mike Parker reports.

Three years ago, two Chicago police officers intercepted a car jacked vehicle at 75th and Jeffery.

Police documents quote officer Lou Toth as saying that when he and his partner, Kevin Fry, ordered Chatman out of the car, they noticed him pulling a dark object from the floor of the car and then running off.

Both said they believed the teenager was armed. Within seconds, both officers chased Chatman around the corner, and Fry shot him four times. His dying words: "I give up. I'm shot."

Later, a police video camera found the dark object in the street. But it wasn't a gun, it was a cell phone case, with charging cable nearby.

Eight hours after the shooting, watch commander Wayne Gulliford filled out a form stating: "I have concluded that the member's actions were in compliance with the department procedures and directives."

No mention was made of the pedestrians who had to dive for cover when the suspect was shot on the sidewalk.

Asked about the way officers responded, CBS 2 Security Consultant Ross Rice said it is reasonable for officers responding to a carjacking to assume a gun may have been involved.

The city of Chicago earlier this week released surveillance videos that showed the officer-involved shooting of Chatman. The city previously fought the release of the material, but a judge recently directed officials to make it available.

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