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10 Teens Face Misdemeanor Charges For Mob Action, Theft Near Wrigleyville

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Chicago Police caught a group of teens near Wrigleyville after what's being described as mob violence was caught on surveillance video.

CBS 2's Jeremy Ross reports the incident happened on Clark near Eddy Street after the Cubs game Wednesday night.

The surveillance video was posted on blog site, CWB Chicago, and shows a group of teenagers punching and pushing.

Chicago Police believe the criminals could be linked to a string of retail thefts, threats, and attacks.

Police say the children in the video ranged from about ten 13 to 16 years old.

"[There were] a lot of kids present. This is just not the example you want to set for them," said Allison Nugent, a neighborhood resident. "I have two kids."

Nearby store owners and workers, who refused to talk on camera, said this type of violence is more common than people realize, adding some groups see the traffic surround a Cubs game, not as a gathering for baseball, but as an opportunity to rob and victimize others.

"You think you live in a safe neighborhood and you never know what can happen," said Nugent. "It's just such a shame that this stuff happens anywhere."

Police say they arrested ten children for charges including mob action, retail theft, and misdemeanor assault.

All of the charges are misdemeanors. Officers made the arrests at the Belmont L station. The alderman did not comment on the situation.

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