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Play Opening In Chicago Makes The Case That The Mob Was Behind Kennedy Assassination

(CBS) -- The question, "Who killed JFK?" is at the heart of a play having its world premiere in Chicago this week, reports WBBM's Regine Schlesinger.

Retired FBI agent Zack Shelton collaborated with investigative reporter and playwright Hillel Levin on "Assassination Theater," a new play that makes the case that the late Chicago crime boss Tony Accardo and some of his fellow mobsters were behind the killing of the president.


Levin insists this isn't just another crackpot conspiracy theory.

"In terms of organized crime's involvement, it is the most plausible explanation with the most pieces, end-to-end, from shooters to motive to means."

The two maintain their play is factual, allowing the audience to act as a jury, deciding who really killed the president. They insist the government immediately reached a decision to cover up any evidence of a conspiracy because initially, that would have pointed to the Soviet Union and could have triggered a nuclear confrontation.

"Assassination Theater" opens in previews tomorrow at the Museum of Broadcast Communications. For more information, visit

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