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Pit Bull Attack Victim Still Recovering One Year Later

CHICAGO (CBS) -- A year after being attacked by two pit bulls while jogging, a South Shore man was still recovering from his injuries this New Year's Day.

"I'm remembering that it was a year ago this day that it happened," Joseph Finley said.

Finley, 63, said the pit bull attack at Rainbow Beach Park is never very far from his mind.

"I remember calling out for help, and as I was fighting the dogs off and once I fell to the ground I could feel them tugging at my feet," he said.

One Year Since Pit Bull Attack

Finley lost his left foot and leg, and his right foot was severely damaged.

Today he has a temporary prosthesis.

"It's a challenging situation because one has to rethink and relearn how to walk and how to function and how to accept," he said.

The dog owners were charged with misdemeanors, and Finley said the city needs stronger laws governing pit bull owners.

"If I were walking in the street with a loaded gun, I would get arrested. Walking out there with pit bulls, who are ferocious and dangerous, and will attack at the drop of a hatpin, it's the same thing," he said.

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