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Pepe's Apologizes After Customer Berates Muslim Teenage Girls

CHICAGO (CBS) -- The president of Pepe's apologized on Wednesday after a customer verbally berated a group of Muslim teenagers at a restaurant in the south suburbs.

On behalf of the company, Robert Ptak offered "our sincere apologies to the women who were harassed and insulted by another customer on June 5, 2017. Pepe's condemns and rejects all discriminatory comments and actions directed to any of our customers and employees."

Earlier this week, a group of Muslim teenagers were dining at a Pepe's in Hickory Hills after ending their fast for Ramadan.

As they were leaving, a middle-aged white man began to verbally abuse them, apparently taking issue with their Muslim headscarves and clothing.

"We didn't say anything to him. We were completely calm, just walking past him. He's the one who instigated the whole incident," one of the teens, Sawim Osman, told CBS 2's Dana Kozlov.

In the video posted online, the man says, "Go and beat it ... you don't like this country?"

"It's our home, too. What do you mean, leave?" one of the young women says.

The man then makes a disparaging reference to the size of one of the teens.

When one of the girls tells the man he's "disgusting," he gets out of his seat. He then yells a series expletives and hateful epithets.

Nour Jaghama, 16, says she is the one who confronted the man. When he stood up, she says, "I was like, no, he might actually get physical. I might get hurt."

Watch the video here (warning, language):

Ptak said the company is reviewing policies and procedures "to ensure that all our customers will continue to enjoy their dining experience at Pepe's."


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