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People Found Admitting Out Loud To Looting, Selling Stolen Goods On Facebook

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Selling looted goods on Facebook – CBS 2 found it's happening right now, with several videos and photos sent our way.

We sent the evidence to Chicago Police, and on Monday night, CBS 2's Tara Molina looked into what will happen next – with the CPD and the FBI investigating.

There was a call for photos and videos of looting last week. The FBI asking anyone with information on unlawful activity to submit it – information the CPD is taking in too.

One woman posted a Facebook Live video publicly on Sunday, May 31, and it got about 6,600 views and 41 shares. It showed looting at a strip mall and a van filled to the brim.

In a second public Facebook Live video, posted days later, a woman stands behind the videos and photos posted on her page – admitting out loud that she had looted.

She called out the people tagging police in the video, and defended her selling of the looted clothing and liquor – referring to it as stolen and saying it wasn't the first time.

"I don't give no (expletive) about this s**t. I upload stolen (expletive) 365 a year," she is heard saying. "This ain't (expletive) first time I did this."

Videos like those are examples of what the FBI and Chicago Police are combing through now.

We heard the first call a week ago - the FBI looking for photos and videos from anyone who witnessed what they called unlawful encounters - referring to the violence and destruction of property that broke out in the Chicago area, and others, for days.

A special agent said on Monday they're taking those tips seriously, with every one reviewed by a person.

Molina is told the FBI is still actively working to review the tips and identify the people behind them:

"The FBI is currently reviewing all tips to help us identify actors who are actively instigating violence in the wake of George Floyd's death. We will continue to accept tips regarding violent encounters surrounding the nationwide civil unrest and urge members of the public to submit photos, videos, and information to"


"The continued violence & destruction of property nationwide interferes with the rights & safety of First Amendment-protected peaceful demonstrators. If you witness an unlawful, violent encounter, you can help by submitting photos or video here:"


A representative of Chicago Police did not comment on the videos, but said their tips are all reviewed by detectives, and those with information can continue to submit it anonymously:

"Anyone with information which they feel would be of assistance to CPD are welcome to submit an anonymous tip via the CPD public portal:


"CPD Detectives take these tips very seriously and continue to do their due diligence in investigating each tip."


Our producers reached the woman who posted those public Facebook Live videos over the weekend. The producers were blocked by one of her friends, and we never got a comment from her to include in this story.

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