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'The Patrick Star Show's Bill Fagerbakke And Cree Summer Preview Nickelodeon's Newest Series: 'A Big, Gelatinous Pile Of Impulses'

(CBS) - The Patrick Star Show comes to Nickelodeon on Friday, July 9th as Spongebob Squarepants' longtime companion gets his very own spinoff show! Along for the ride will be several new characters including Patrick's parents, grandfather and even members of the Squidward Tentacles' clan.

CBS' Matt Weiss spoke to Bill Fagerbakke (Patrick Star) and Cree Summer (Bunny Star; Patrick's mom) for a previous of the new show and what it's like to voice a big, gelatinous pile of impulses.

MW: Bill, Cree, hello there! The Patrick Star Show comes to Nickelodeon on Friday, July 9th, 7PM ET/PT. SpongeBob is such a long, successful show and now Patrick has his own spinoff at last! Bill, you've been a part of the Spongebob franchise from the beginning, what was it like when you got the news?

BF: To think about Patrick, in a world where he's not linked to SpongeBob full time was pretty scary. Because that's to me why Patrick is engaging is his relationship with SpongeBob. But Vincent Waller and Mark Checker really have developed this great family and world in Patrick's home.

He does a show every night in his room produced by his sister, and it just goes nuts. Cree Summer is my mom Tom Wilson is my dad, and Jill Talley is my sister. It's so much fun. I think fans of the show will really appreciate it.

MW: Cree, as Bill mentioned, you're playing the mom, Bunny star. What can you tell us about her?

CS: [character voice] Well, I can tell you that I'm not just a mom. I'm also a greeter at the local prison. I grew up in a really small country under the sea called Clocknod. I was the first member of my family to graduate from Clocknod College. I had a major in pseudo science and a minor in nonsense.

[normal voice] Bunny is a sweet, caring mother she babies her boy Patrick Starr.

I also get to play Granny Tentacles. [character voice] Who is Squidward's grandmother and she is about as delicate and sweet as a little piranha.

MW: That's amazing you can just launch into those characters so seamlessly. That must be a fun party trick.

CS: It is. Like I always say to Bill our schizophrenia is a real asset.

BF: It's a requirement.

CS: That's right, you got to be just a little on the [character voice] wee woo.

MW: [Laughs] Bill, can you talk about the show's format? It's a little bit different than a typical cartoon.

BF: It's almost like they gave some people, really seasoned, talented animation writers, they gave them the opportunity to do what they wanted and this is what happened. It plays with the idea of narrative. It goes along and one story, and then boom, you're in a completely different environment, in a completely different style of animation.

You'll suddenly be in stop motion, and black and white, and then bam, it goes into some weird outer space story. Then it really plays with storytelling in such an entertaining way. We're all having a blast. I think fans of, what's that show again, SpongeBob, I think they'll also enjoy it. [laughs]

MW: Cree, you're playing Patrick's mom, you're playing Squidward's grandmother, what other characters are we going to meet?

CS: Oh, you get to meet Grand Pat, Patrick's ancient grandfather who bless his little soul, he's a genius, surrounded by nincompoops, you can imagine that is just perpetual frustration. Also, Patrick's dad, who is just 90% kindness and 10% doesn't know what's going on.

[character voice] But that's why we made Patrick. The apple doesn't fall far from the sea.

BF: [character voice] She's so funny.

CS: [character voice] Thank you dear. [laughs]

MW: What is Patrick like in this show? How is he different from the Patrick that we're used to seeing?

BF: I don't really know. For the purpose of public discussion, I guess that we need to have terminologies in terms of where is he? How old is he? What does he know? None of that applies to me when I'm doing the character.

I don't know. It's not like I'm playing someone's life story on camera. Chronology doesn't resonate with me personally. Patrick is just a big, gelatinous pile of impulses. That's where I go. I certainly enjoy the process.

MW: Wow, what a quote, a big gelatinous pile of impulses. I've never heard someone say that during an interview. That's a first for sure.

BF: [character voice] Score!

CS: [character voice] Well done, son. Well done. [laughs]

MW: [Laughs] All right, last question here before I let you go for both of you. Any parting words for the fans out there as we get ready for July 9th?

CS: Get ready and strap on because this trip is going to be far out!

MW: I think we're all very excited. Thank you so much for the time and all the best to you both!

The Patrick Star Show comes to Nickelodeon, a ViacomCBS company, on Friday, July 9th at 7PM ET/PT as well as streaming with Paramount+. Check your local listings for more information.

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