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Partnership between Chicago education and medical giants draws future professionals

Future professionals drawn to partnership between Chicago education and medical giants
Future professionals drawn to partnership between Chicago education and medical giants 01:59

CHICAGO (CBS) -- A partnership between some education and medical giants in Chicago could be the key to opening the door for more young people on the South Side to pursue medical careers.

A nurse from the Univerity of Chicago discussed how the expansion could help hospitals connect with future employees.

"I would have loved to have been able to participate in a program like this," said registered nurse and Malcolm X College graduate Kiara Taylor. She was referring to a collaboration among the City Colleges of Chicago, the University of Chicago, and the University of Chicago Medical Center to expand healthcare career programs and facilities.

"If you had told me years ago that this little girl from the South Side of Chicago would grow up and become a nurse and be here speaking with you all today about the journey to get here, I probably wouldn't have believed you," Taylor said. 

At Kennedy King College in Englewood, education leaders announced that the expansion would increase access to affordable higher education and bring two new facilities to Washington Park, offering 600 jobs and a clinical laboratory technician program.

"With this investment, with this program, it promises to see more students having the opportunity that a secondary education truly provides," said the Chancellor of City Colleges of Chicago, Juan Salgado. 

With Tuesday's announcement, City Colleges of Chicago will bring a complete nursing pathway to Kennedy King College. 

That includes an associate degree in nursing and a licensed practical nursing program operated by Malcolm X College inside Kennedy King College.

"There's just so many great things that I think will come from this. One, you know, residents of the south side will get an education and be able to work in healthcare. I think that's great," Taylor said.

This partnership comes as safety net hospitals on the South Side struggle to fill vacant positions.

"Now is a great time to join the field. There's a shortage of nurses, and we're waiting for them to come and join us," Taylor said.

Education leaders said the programs will begin this fall.

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