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Parents Prepare For First Day Of School, Hoping To Avoid Strike

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Tuesday is the first day of school for many Chicago kids, and that means Monday was the day for last-minute school shopping, but parents were also looking ahead to a possible teachers strike starting in one week.

CBS 2's Marissa Bailey reports there were plenty of parents clutching back-to-school shopping lists at local stores on Monday, getting ready for the start of the school year.

Some families getting ready to head back to school were also thinking of the possible work stoppage that could leave many parents scrambling to figure out what to do with their kids if teachers do go on strike on Sept. 10.

As Chicago teachers rallied in Daley Plaza on Monday, many families – like the Streff family – spent Labor Day finishing up last-minute school shopping.

"I think it's like $100," Julie Streff said of her haul of school supplies.

She got just about everything on the list for her daughters Molly and Meredith.

While mom and the girls were working on the supply list, dad was thinking a week ahead – given that both of them are working parents.

If teachers do walk out, Doug Streff said, "I think it's too bad for the kids. I mean, obviously, there's a reason why they're going to strike on the 10th.

And that reason - Doug said - is to mess up the morning routines of thousands of Chicago families, and put pressure on the Emanuel administration in contract negotiations.

"You get into a routine," Doug said. "To have that disrupted by no school, and the uncertainty of when the strike's going to end, it's going to really … throw a loop into a lot of people's plans, and it's going to be a real inconvenience for a lot of people."

Maybe not so much for the Streff family; they already have a babysitter lined up, in case the kids are left staying home during a strike.

For now, the girls are just ready for the first day.

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