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Indiana Man Straps On Paramotor To Go Skiing Down Snowy Streets In Noblesville

CHICAGO (CBS) -- With so many streets and sidewalks in the Midwest still buried under heavy snow from Monday's massive winter storm, plenty of people are no doubt looking for an easier way to get around than trying to trudge or drive through a thick blanket of flakes.

Skiing certainly might pop into mind for some, but Elliott Eaton took it to a whole new level in Noblesville, Indiana, just north of Indianapolis. He strapped a paramotor -- the harness and huge fan used for paragliding -- to his back to go zipping down his snowy street on skis.

"I had actually seen a similar video of a guy over in Europe going through the streets, and when I couldn't get out of my garage with my car this morning to go shovel some driveways in the neighborhood, I pulled down my skis and gave it a go basically," he told CBS 2's Marissa Parra.

Alexis Feltz filmed Eaton swooshing along with the big fan strapped to his back, and the video has been making the rounds on social media.

Eaton said he normally straps on the paramotor to go flying through the sky. Either way, it looks like a fun way to get around.

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