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Caught On Video: Package Thief Steals Medicine For Dogs From Front Porch

CHICAGO (CBS) -- A home security camera caught a thief stealing a package of critical medicine for four dogs.

"Was it really necessary? Like, come on," Jorge Cisneros said.

It's a crime scene he replays on his phone and in his head.

"In a matter of seconds, just walks up, takes the package," he said. "Was it a dare? Were you trying to be cool with one of your friends?"

His Ring camera recently caught a young woman creeping up his stairs around midnight, and scurrying away with a package left on the bench outside his front door.

"If that were one of my students, I would think I'd have a long conversation with her," Cisneros said.

The Chicago teacher wants to show her and other would-be bandits a lesson: understand who your actions could hurt.

Inside the stolen box was relief for little Bella.

"The medicine that was taken was for her joints," Cisneros said.

Her brothers and sisters are missing their treatment too; for the anxiety caused by thunderstorms and fireworks.

"There's a different medicine to calm them down. One of them freaks out," Cisneros said.

The dogs were forced to wait for their meds to be replaced, but should be okay. Cisneros is thankful for that, but still angry.

"She's going to open up the package, realize – unless she has pets herself – is going to realize it's nothing of value to her. So she probably threw it away," he said.

After the woman stole his dogs' medication, he put a new sign on his porch telling delivery people not to leave packages on the bench. He also pledged to be more vigilant about his mail.

Cisneros said UPS was supposed to get a signature when it delivered the dogs' medicine. It's right there on their shipping confirmation.

UPS said they've resolved the situation, but can't say how because of "security protocols."


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