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Ozzie Guillen Still Has White Sox On His Mind

(CBS) Former White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen recently took what he called a "first step" in mending a frosty relationship with the organization that he managed from 2004-'11, and now he still has the club on his mind.

In a revealing interview with the Sun-Times' Joe Cowley that was published late Wednesday, Guillen expressed a desire to be part of the White Sox family, even entertaining the hypothetical question of managing again in Chicago.

''I wish,'' Guillen told the Sun-Times. ''But if I say yes, then I don't respect (current manager) Robin Ventura. But that's not where I'm coming from. When Robin gets tired of managing or he's had enough, I would like to be back. But it's up to them. If I wear a uniform and it's the White Sox, that will be special."

White Sox chairman Jerry Reinsdorf recently attended the wedding of Guillen's son, Ozzie Jr, a move that was "important" for both sides in getting "back to the way we were," Guillen said.

Guillen and the White Sox parted ways after the 2011 season, in large part because his relationship soured with former general manager Kenny Williams, who he still doesn't speak with. Guillen managed the Marlins in 2012 before his volatile personality played a big role in his firing there, and he's been out of the dugout since — which he has admitted is hard at times.

After not committing to SoxFest and other team activities in recent years, Guillen said he's open to participating in such activities in the near future, and he has now expressed a desire to be part of next year's 10-year anniversary celebration of the club's 2005 World Series title.

''I don't have any problems with the Sox," Guillen said. "During the summer, I will be a part of any activity they need. What's the big deal? I love Sox fans. I respect the Sox front-office people. If I don't show up, it's too easy for people to say, 'You see, it's not us, it's him.' I don't want that. The 10-year anniversary is for the fans.''

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