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Open Enrollment For Concealed-Carry Gun Permit Starts Sunday

CHICAGO (CBS) -- This weekend, for the first time in Illinois, gun owners can apply for a concealed-carry permit.

Open enrollment begins Sunday.

You might think it's simple: Get a permit and starting packing on the street.

But, as CBS 2's Jim Williams reports, there's much more to Illinois' concealed-carry law.

"You have to be trained," said gun instructor Andre Queen.

Training must take place at a state-certified place like Fidelity Security and Investigative Services.

Even though Percy Lovette was a U.S. Marine, he has to finish two days of classroom instruction on state and federal firearm safety laws.

First, students do what's called a "dry shoot."

"We'll watch them work with their firearms without any ammunition in it," said Queen.

Finally, instructors test students at the gun range with real bullets from distances of five, seven and 10 yards.

"The student must get at least 21 of the 30 rounds on the black silhouette part of the target itself," Queen said.

Only then can gun owners apply for a concealed-carry permit.

Lovette plans to go though the whole process.

"If only the criminals have guns out there, who's being protected?" he said.

Again, here are the steps you have to take to even for a concealed carry permit.  Before taking the class, residents have to get an Illinois Firearms Owner Identification Card and then complete 8 to 16 hours of classroom instruction, depending on experience, and then successfully hit the target 21 of 30 times at the range.

Even with a concealed-carry permit, there about 100 places (such as a school) where gun owners cannot take a firearm.

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