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Ohio Pastor Clarifies: He Meant 'Former' Chicago Gang Leaders Want Trump Meeting

(CBS) -- The pastor of an Ohio megachurch told President Trump at the White House today that he was contacted -- as he put it -- "by some of the top gang thugs in Chicago" who want to sit down to talk about "lowering the body count."

WBBM spoke with the church pastor after his meeting with the president.

We asked Ohio pastor, Dr. Darrell Scott, why some of the top gang thugs in Chicago would contact him.

"Well, let me clarify," he said: "FORMER gang leaders. They're still connected with the pulse of the streets. They still have their fingerprint and footprint in the community."

Scott says the former gang leaders reached out to him through a mutual friend, whom he wouldn't identify.

He says he doesn't spend an extraordinary amount of time in Chicago.

But Scott says he will come here later this month and that he will bring boxer Floyd Mayweather with him, along with NFL Hall of Famer Jim Brown, who founded a program called Amer-I-Can.

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