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Officers Fire Shots As Suspect Gets Away In Romeoville, 3 Officers Hurt When He Ends Up Crashing In Plainfield

PLAINFIELD, Ill. (CBS) -- A wild chase whipped through multiple southwest suburbs Monday before finally ending with more than one crash in Plainfield – and with three police officers injured.

As CBS 2's Charlie De Mar reported officers said they were trying to make an arrest and shot at a car that crashed into them. Nobody was hit, but several officers were injured after a chase that went on about 25 minutes before ending in a crash.

From Chopper 2's shot above, two police cars had been left almost unrecognizable. They were severely damaged after chasing a blue car through several suburbs – which smashed into a tree in Plainfield.

"I got a little concerned when I heard them say, 'Officer down,'" said witness Mike Zuk.

"I heard screeching and what sounded like a loud boom," said witness Daniel Parkinson.

Romeoville police said it all started around 1:50 p.m., as the Will County Cooperative Police Assistance Team Task Force was conducting a covert operation at a business park at Interstate 55 and Weber Road in Romeoville, near the Comfort Inn.

The Will County CPAT had prior knowledge that the subject of the investigation would have guns, police said.

As officers attempted to arrest the man, he crashed his vehicle into the officers' vehicles and drove toward officers who were outside on foot as he tried to get away, police said.

Police fired shots at the suspect, but no one was struck. However, the car got away.

"And these choppers were not far off the ground," said Brad Pekarek.

Helicopters kept watch of the speeding car from above as police gave chase on the ground.

"Got a gun drawn, said, 'Get back in your house!'" Pekarek said.

The pursuit went through Pekarek's yard.

"The fugitive vehicle, I believe it was the fugitive vehicle, sped around the corner – you know, 40, 50 feet away from me, hit the curb, sped down Heritage Meadows here," he said.

The chase ended in a crash near Heritage Meadows and Pasquinelli drives. There was another crash before the chase ended too.

Three officers were injured along the man cops were after. Guns were found too inside the car.

The suspect and the officers all suffered non-life-threatening injuries and were taken to the hospital. The suspect was in police custody late Monday.

Earlier back in Romeoville, police said they shot at the moving car because the man put officers' lives in danger.

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