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A Day After Cousin Expresses Worry To CBS 2, Man In Richton Park Nursing Home Now Has Second COVID-19 Vaccination Shot

CHICAGO (CBS) -- A night after a Chicago woman told CBS 2 she was worried because her cousin, who is in a nursing home, never received his second COVID-19 vaccine shot – he now has it.

Cheryl Bellamy-Bonner only learned that her cousin, Alan Matthews, had not gotten the second shot after visiting him at Landmark Nursing Home in Richton Park – and then getting a letter from the state saying he was not fully vaccinated.

Bellamy-Bonner was stunned to read, "Records indicate that you may be overdue for your second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine."

"I don't know if they dropped the ball or they're just negligent," Bellamy-Bonner said. "I don't know if he's the only patient, or one of many patients that haven't gotten their second shot."

Bellamy-Bonner said she and her sister left messages and called Landmark more than half a dozen times, but no one called them back.

Kozlov talked to Matthews by phone. He said he got his first COVID shot two and a half months ago.

Kozlov: "At the time that it was given to you, what did they tell you about a second shot?"

Matthews: "That the second one was coming."

Matthews has not gotten any information since.

"You ask a nurse and they pass it along," he said.

But on Wednesday, Bellamy-Bonner contacted CBS 2 Political Investigator Dana Kozlov, and said Matthews was able to get his second shot within the day.

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