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Now Brandon Marshall Is Offering Money To Hecklers To Fight

(CBS) Wild, weird, wacky and woeful are four good terms to describe the Bears' season that sits at 3-6.

So you shouldn't come as a surprise that Thursday kept up with the theme.

Apparently upset that a Twitter troll had insulted his mother, Bears receiver Brandon Marshall bantered with and eventually offered $25,000 to a Twitter user who goes by the handle @AnthonyGKalla to fight. That account has since been protected, but Marshall's offer still appears to stand.

Marshall started by offering $5,000 for @AnthonyGKalla to step into a boxing ring with him. The troll then responded by telling Marshall he should up his offer. Marshall upped it and also suggested that @AnthonyGKalla volunteer for 100 hours at an orphanage if he lost to Marshall.

Here's a look at Marshall's tweets.


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