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Heath Department: It's Not Too Late To Get A Flu Shot

CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) -- We could soon see the number of flu cases start to turn around, according to Chicago Department of Public Health Commissioner Dr. Julie Morita.

Morita says that as aggressive as this flu season may be, she does not expect it to be as bad as the flu pandemic in 2009. "We don't anticipate having the numbers we saw during the pandemic because, with the pandemic, that virus was a brand new virus and very few people had seen that kind of a virus before."

She said it is not too late to get a flu shot this year. Additionally, Mortia is encouraging people not to be deterred from getting it because of reports that the flu vaccine is only 10 percent effective.

"The studies that have been done looking at the vaccine effectiveness in Australia looked at how many people, or the percentage of people who actually got influenza infections, if they had the vaccine or didn't have the vaccine. That effectiveness looks at only if someone got sick.

"Getting vaccinated now is still the best way to prevent flu infections and serious flu complications," Morita said. "We are working to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to get a flu shot, with fast-track immunization clinics across the city and an interactive online map tool to make it easy to find neighborhood locations."

Vaccine will be available during pharmacy hours at the following locations:

  • 11 E. 75th St., Chicago, IL (75th and State)
  • 3201 N. Broadway St., Chicago, IL (Broadway and Belmont)
  • 2340 W. Madison St., Chicago, IL (Madison and Western)
  • 5222 W. Madison St., Chicago, IL (Madison and Laramie)
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