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Northwestern Tackle Joe Spivak Hopes To Be On The Field Or In The Ring For His Post-College Career

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Like most college athletes, Northwestern tackle Joe Spivak has big pro dreams, now that his college football career is over and done with.

As CBS 2's Jackie Kostek explains, if he doesn't make it in pro football he won't be wrestling over his next move.

The average person doesn't just walk on to a Big 10 college football team, become Mr. Northwestern and then have the dreams of both the NFL and the WWE right in front of him. The average person isn't Joe Spivak.

"No, they're not. And if you're juiceless, you're useless! Remember the name, baby!"

Joe Spivak has a BIG personality and a penchant for making his BIG dreams come true.

"Being able to go from a walk on, to a starter, to a scholarship player, to a captain, to wearing the number one, it's seriously, seriously a dream come true," Spivak said.

Now, the Darien native is turning to what's next: Finishing up his Master's at Kellogg while training for his NFL Pro Day in early March.

"Any single shot, any one day camp, any rookie camp, any fall camp would be a blessing in the NFL. That is the most prestigious of prestigious, and like I said it's a huge step to get there but I'm going to go at it with everything I have," Spivak said.

While Spivak chases his first big dream of playing in the NFL, his first love – wrestling – will be waiting on the other side. Part of the WWE's inaugural Next in Line program, Spivak will have the chance to audition for the WWE.

"I'm going to bet on myself, go down there and prove them right. They're putting some faith in me with this small NIL deal and I'm going to go down there and show them that I'm worth more."

After all, if anyone can turn a single opportunity into something truly special, it's Juice-y Joe Spivak.


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