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Northwest Indiana officers say man walked into police station detention garage with gun

Man walks into restricted area of East Chicago police station with gun
Man walks into restricted area of East Chicago police station with gun 00:22

EAST CHICAGO, Ind. (CBS) -- A man was arrested Wednesday after officers said he walked into in the detention garage of the East Chicago, Indiana police station with a semiautomatic handgun – and then said he was there for "more bullets."

East Chicago police

East Chicago police said at 5:45 a.m., Officer F. Huerta was vacuuming his squad car and putting air in the tires in the detention garage before his morning shift – when a man walked in with a semiautomatic handgun in his right hand.

East Chicago police

Another officer, C. Hollowell, was outside in the parking lot, putting gear in his squad car before also starting the morning shift, police said. He saw the man walk into the detention garage with the gun, police said.

East Chicago police

Hollowell and Huerta both drew their own guns and told the man to drop the gun. The man did so, and was taken into custody on the spot, police said.

East Chicago police

The officers then asked the man what he was doing there, and he replied, "I need more bullets," police said.

The man – Marc L. King, 41, of East Chicago – was taken just a few feet to the police station jail. He is charged with the felonies of possession of cocaine and unlawful carrying of a handgun, and the misdemeanors criminal trespassing, and unlawful possession of handgun by a dangerous person. He also had a warrant out against him for trespassing, police said.

The police station detention parking lot and garage in East Chicago are secure areas, and there are "no trespassing" signs that are easily seen, police said.

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