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Arson Blamed For Loss Of Elephant Statue

CHICAGO (CBS)—Northlake is sometimes called "The City of Friendly People," but not everyone in the town is so kind.

 A popular statue in suburban Northlake has been targeted by an arsonist, who burned it down one recent night.

The life-sized African elephant statue had been in the community for more than three decades before it was destroyed by a fire.

The statue, known as "Broccoli" to Northlake residents, is especially significant to Tim Saenger, whose family owned the statue for years.

He spoke to CBS 2's Dana Kozlov on Sunday.

His father had cancer and thought selling the elephant would help pay his medical bills, so the city stepped in and bought it in 2016.

The beloved sculpture will now only live on in memory.

Surveillance video captures a man's multiple attempts to light it on fire until it finally starts burning.

Saenger was out of town when the statue burned down, and neighbors reported nothing unusual that night.

Neighbor Jennifer Serpee was shocked to see the elephant gone.

"Why would—I'm at a loss—at a loss," she said.

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