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No Surprise, According To Data, Americans Really Like Donuts

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Okay so we know it is National Donut Day, but did you know how much Americans love donuts?

Postmates, America's most popular universal delivery app, partnered with data scientists at at to ask 1,000 Americans about their donut-eating habits.

The results "do nut" disappoint...

According to the data, 96 percent of Americans like donuts. To be more precise, 56 percent say they absolutely love donuts, 40 percent like them and only 3 percent of Americans claim to dislike donuts, while 1 percent hate them (who are those people?).

And apparently donuts at work boost people's spirit...

Over half of American have brought donuts to the office, according to the survey. In fact, 56 percent of Americans have brought donuts to their coworkers, while 44 percent have not (but I bet those people are still eating the donuts that other people bring to the office).

And with no surprise, only 2 percent of American do not like people who bring donuts to the office. Fifty-one percent of Americans say they think more highly of people who bring donuts to the office and 47 percent do not care either way.

So if you want to be thought highly of at work, maybe consider bringing in some donuts!

What are the favorites among the many donut varieties?

1. Glazed (28 percent)
2. Boston Cream (17 percent)
3. Chocolate Forested (16 percent)
4. Jelly Filled (11 percent)
5. Chocolate Cake (7 percent)

And some of the favorite hot spots to get these donuts are Krispy Kreme, Dunkin Donuts, Shipley Donuts, Tim Hortons and Voodoo Donuts.

And attention Chicagoans looking to please their coworkers on National Donut Day - Postmates is delivering a free dozen donuts to the first 5,000 Chicago dwellers who download Postmates and order on June 2. Just use the code DONUTFAIRY to get a dozen donuts free.

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