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No Injuries Reported In O'Hare Ground Collision

CHICAGO (CBS) -- A taxiing plane with passengers on-board collided into another plane at O'Hare Airport Wednesday. The collision happened between a United Airlines flight plane and a Star Alliance plane in Terminal 1. No one was injured in the accident.

Chopper 2 flew near the scene shortly after the ground collision occurred.

Pictures show the two damaged planes at Terminal 1, showing the clipped wing of the Boeing B737 and a parked, empty, Cleveland-bound United Airlines flight at Gate C28. Its wing was clipped by United Flight 645.

The plane was taxiing and on the way to Portland when the accident happened.

"I noticed a lot of people over by the windows looking out, wondering what was going on. A lot of airport employees, people with their cameras up," Alexandra Carley witnessed.

"Our plane that was supposed to come into O'Hare had to circle around for a while after the accident and by that point, the weather got bad," said United Airlines passenger Melissa Wester.

Pictures show the clipped wing of a Boeing B737 and a parked, empty Cleveland-bound United Airlines flight at Gate C-28 in Terminal one.

"This many planes in this area, this many times a week. Something is bound to happen at some point. I'd call that a minor accident," said Mark Ritchie, who was on a United flight nearby.

United did get the Portland-bound passengers out about two and a half hours after their scheduled departure.

The FAA is investigating the incident.


Planes Collide On Ground At O'Hare

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