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Still No Answers Behind The Death Of Semaj Crosby

CHICAGO (CBS) – Will County investigators say they are still no closer now, than they were in late April, to finding out how a one-year old Joliet area girl died.

Semaj Crosby's death has been labeled suspicious, but officials say they still do not know what or who was behind her death.

Semaj Crosby had been reported missing by her family, but her body was found a little more than a day later in the house. A house where she lived with a few relatives and who police describe as a number of squatters.

Will County Sheriff's Deputy Chief Rick Ackerson said it would be nice to catch a break in the case.

Ackerson said some witnesses have been re-interviewed, but that did not lead to any new information. He also said that autopsy results are not in. Normally, Ackerson said, autopsy results are back in four to six weeks, but he said in cases like this, it could take months.

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