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Nissan Rogue's Star Wars Editions Draws Attention At Auto Show

CHICAGO (CBS) -- The Chicago Auto Show is underway at McCormick Pace, and as always, it has a handful of one-of-a-kind mock-ups and concept cars, including one flown in from Hollywood.

On display, visitors can find a Nissan Rogue with X-Wings and R-2 D-2 poking through the roof. WBBM's Bob Roberts reports.

"It actually runs and drives," said Jeremy Meadows, Nissan. "But it does not go to outer space."

The mocked-up Nissan Rogue looks as if it did battle with the Galactic Empire in "Rogue One, a Star Wars Story" – a bit battered, but the R-2 Droid perky as ever sticking through the roof. It's a clever marketing tool for the Rogue's own special Star Wars edition, which Nissan's Jeremy Meadows said was developed with input from Lucasfilm.

"Right on the vehicle on the inside and the outside, it says, Rogue One Star Wars Limited Edition," Meadows said. "The car has both the rebellion and the evil galactic empire logos on it, so you choose what side you are on."

Star Wars droid, R-2 D-2 sticks out the top of limited edition Nissan Rogue (Credit: WBBM/Bob Roberts)

Fans can choose from a black and white version or one that Meadows calls the "Darth Vader" version – all black. Each of the 5,000 vehicles feature special badging, for both the Rebel Alliance and the Galactic Empire.

Meadows said the limited edition Rogue for purchase, lacks the Droid in the wings, but does have one goodie inside - a numbered Death Trooper helmet.

"We produced 5,000 vehicles for the United States and 400 for Canada," Meadows said. "And there is one helmet for every car we sell."

The Nissan Rogue is drawing a lot of attention at the 2017 Chicago Auto Show. Some fans, especially the younger ones, asked if it can actually fly. For those interested, the X-Wing mock-up runs, but it doesn't fly...yet.

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