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Woman Restrained By CPD Officer While Walking Dog Still Waiting For Police Report, Body Camera Footage

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Lawyers for a Chicago woman who was restrained by a police officer last month while walking her dog on North Avenue beach say they still haven't received the name of the officer, a copy of the police report, or body camera footage.

Nikkita Brown was walking her dog on the beach shortly after midnight on Aug. 28. The beach was closed and dogs weren't allowed, leading to an argument between Brown and the officer.

Brown started recording their interaction – the recording begins with the officer saying something about her going to jail.

Brown asked the officer to keep his distance, because of COVID-19.

Brown: "Respect my space. It's COVID. Six feet."

Officer: "I'm about to put handcuffs on you."

The officer is heard saying he does not need a mask because he is outside.

What happened next was captured on cellphone video by two different people - one of them a city employee.

The officer started to struggle with Brown - and at one point, he even took her phone. Her dog was lifted into the air by his collar and leash.

Brown's lawyers said the officer attempted to tackler her, knocking the phone out of her hand and groping her. The attorneys added that Brown's shoes also came off.

Her attorneys also have said, even if she did curse at the officer, that was no reason for the officer to use physical force.

Brown believes she was racially profiled, noting there were also White people on the beach after it was closed.

She was not arrested or ticketed.

Police Supt. David Brown placed the officer on desk duty while the incident is investigated.

The Civilian Office of Police Accountability is investigating, and said it has obtained the body cam video from the incident and is requesting video from several additional cameras in the area.

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