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New Surveillance Video Shows High-Speed Chase Of Chicago Police Commander

CHICAGO (CBS) -- New surveillance video from the dashboard camera of an Indiana State Police car shows the trooper racing to pull over Chicago Police Commander Edward Wodnicki last month.

The video also shows the squad car pulled up in front of Wodnicki's. The video does not show the high-ranking commander, but he can be heard on the tape.

Wodnicki was allegedly traveling with his blue emergency lights on at speeds of 114 mph last month, leading troopers on a high-speed chase as he refused to stop.

He finally pulled over near Chesterton, Indiana.

"Put your hands where I can see them! Right now," a trooper can be heard saying on the tape. "Get out of the car. This is not an emergency vehicle."

Wodnicki responds, "Oh please, come on guys. I'm a f****** policeman. I swear to God I thought you were giving me support."

"A policeman where?" the trooper asks.

"Chicago," Wodnicki responds.

"Is this Chicago?" the trooper replies.

"Sir, I am heading to a call," Wodnicki can be heard saying.

Wodnicki said he thought the troopers giving chase were there to escort him back to the city. The veteran officer said he was rushing back to interview suspects already in custody.

"In custody they are not in any danger," the trooper said on the tape. "They don't have to talk until you get there."

He goes on, "Well, your bosses just told us you didn't have anything urgent to get to, so there is no reason you should have been driving that way."

What was the Chicago Police Department's head of detectives doing in Indiana about 40 miles from Chicago anyway?

"I've been working all day," Wodnicki can be heard saying. "I'm a f****** policeman. I don't drink at all. I just had a f****** meeting."

But Wodnicki initially told a different story to CPD command staff, saying he was buying ammunition across the border.

"You are in custody," the Indiana trooper said on tape. "Anything you say, as you know, can be used against you, and I've been recording this whole time."

As troopers let Wodnicki go, the veteran commander did show remorse.

"You guys did the right thing," he said. "Please accept my apology."

Wodnicki was eventually allowed to go on his way. He was issued a speeding ticket.

CBS 2 has asked the Porter County Prosecutor why more serious charges were apparently dropped but has not heard back yet.

Wodnicki has been reassigned to a more administrative role as Chicago police investigate the traffic stop.

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