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New Strategy, Expert In Place For Humboldt Park Alligator Search

CHICAGO (CBS)-- Officials have moved to a new strategy to catch the elusive alligator in the lagoon.

Chicago police are turning people away from the eastern half of Humboldt Park. Police said all the noise and commotion from people watching for the gator was making it harder to get the gator out.

The city even installed fencing to keep people out.

The park is closed to pedestrians and cars from Division Street to north and from Humboldt to California.

But police said there haven't been any "official sightings" since last Thursday.

The city has contracted an alligator expert from Florida named Frank Robb.

Resident Daniel Vega says he's rooting for Robb.

"They need an expert because they're spending too much time, like right now, beautiful day we can't go inside," Vega said. "You know, the sooner they catch it, the better for the community."

A source told CBS 2 that wildlife expert Alligator Bob is no longer on the water and he needed a break.

Authorities also installed underwater fencing over the weekend to try to narrow the alligator's range.

The city is refusing to say how much they're paying Frank Robb.

CBS2 reached out to another alligator expert with the University of Florida.

He said he doesn't know Robb's rate but he wouldn't do a job like this for less than $550 per day plus expenses.

He also said he knows Robb and, while this is a tough job, he knows what he's doing.

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