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New Rainbow/PUSH president named as Rev. Jesse Jackson steps aside

New Rainbow/PUSH president named as Rev. Jesse Jackson steps aside
New Rainbow/PUSH president named as Rev. Jesse Jackson steps aside 03:00

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Vice President Kamala Harris came to Chicago Sunday as Rev. Jesse Jackson steps aside as leader of the Rainbow/PUSH Coalition, the civil rights group he founded in 1971. 

A fiery minister from Dallas is now set to take center stage. 

It was a powerful day to honor Rev. Jesse Jackson, known for paving the way for politicians and as a staunch supporter of civil rights. 

"He has built coalitions that have expanded who has a voice and a seat at the table," Harris said, thanking Jackson for his 60 years of work in Chicago and around the world. "From South Africa to the South Side of Chicago he has and continues to bring together people of all backgrounds." 

There was a standing ovation as Jackson took the stage. 

"Keep hope alive," he said. "Let me hear you scream!" 

That Rainbow/PUSH slogan filled the pews at the Church of God in Woodlawn as he chooses to pass the PUSH torch. 

"I am not retiring," he said. "I'm pivoting." 

Jackson said he will continue to teach, especially young people, how to fight for social justice. The civil rights icon, known as a powerful orator, has dealt with several health problems in recent years, but is still strong enough to share his legendary message.

"I am somebody. Respect me. Protect me. I am somebody," he said. 

Jackson is a protege of Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. and a driving force in the civil rights movement who pushed for voting rights and education. 

"A fighter for freedom and human rights for all people. At the core of the reverend's work is the belief that the diversity of our nation is not a weakness but instead our greatest strength," Harris said. 

Jackson ran for president twice, winning 13 primary elections. 

Harris credited him for paving the way for Black politicians. 

"For President Barack Obama and me as the first Black woman to serve as Vice President of the United States," she said. 

The man who will now take center stage at PUSH is Rev. Dr. Freddie Haynes, a minister from Dallas. He is now tasked with standing on the shoulders of this great iconic figure. 

"I stand here on his shoulders because no one with sense would try to stand in his shoes," Haynes said. "Thank you for where your shoes have taken us." 

The vice president shared a promise in Jackson's own words. This leader's voice is not going anywhere. 

"Let us keep hope alive, knowing when we fight, we win," Harris quoted. 

Haynes stood beside Jackson on Sunday, but his duties with PUSH begin immediately. 

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