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New podcast brings attention to unsolved murders of women in Chicago

New podcast highlights unsolved murders of women in Chicago
New podcast highlights unsolved murders of women in Chicago 00:34

CHICAGO (CBS) -- A new podcast is bringing attention to dozens of unsolved murders of mostly black women in the Chicago area.

It's called "Marginalized Murder: The Case of the 51."

"So still, we wait, and we take this very, very serious because no one is safe. not a black female. not a brown female. not a young girl is safe."

In the eight-part series, the host will talk to activists and family members and walk listeners through what is being done to help families find justice and closure.

Get a sneak peek of episodes 2-4 below:

Episode 2: Seeing the Forest for the Trees  (5-26-2022)

With the help of Thomas Hargrove, founder of the Murder Accountability Project and creator of the unique algorithm - the first of its kind- we dive into key clues about our shockingly large cluster of potential serial killings of 51 women, we map out key clues in this complex murder mystery. One of those clues points to the work of one, but potentially three serial killers.

Episode 3: Justice for Gwen? (6-2-2022)

In 2001, Dr. Sharon Pritchett's life is upended when her oldest sister, Gwendolyn Williams, is found strangled to death behind a 99-cent store. Her murder is seemingly random until Pritchett learns that her sister's case is a part of a mysterious pattern of 51 murders that has plagued the city of Chicago for the last two decades.

With little momentum, the case goes cold until Pritchett discovers a major backlog with DNA testing in the Illinois State lab system that has kept the truth of who is behind her sister's murder buried away for years.

Episode 4: Murderers Amongst Us Thursday (6-09-2022)

Despite ample DNA found at the scene of Gwendolyn Williams' murder pointing to a suspect named Gerlad Lyons, the District Attorney refuses to prosecute bringing this case to a screeching halt. 

When little is done to eradicate the massive DNA backlog, local.

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